Lenny DeBono, 52 yrs old, Partner, DeBono Brothers Builders & Developers

photo(9)I met Michelle over 10 years ago at NYSC in Forest Hills, NY.  We worked together for a year and she really kicked my butt.  I was sad to see her go when she left to work in Manhattan.  About 3 months ago I ran into her on the Upper West Side and since I now work in the neighborhood we started training again.  I have lost 8lbs and 2 belt holes.  She is an even better trainer than she was 10 years ago.  I have been dealing with a shoulder injury for the past few years and knee pain from running 8 miles/day.  With her training the shoulder is on the road to recovery and I no longer feel knee pain. She pushed me to go to physical therapy and taught me the importance of healing your injuries, eating better and cross-training. I am really happy to have reunited with Michelle. I am seeing results, getting stronger, leaner and running without pain again. It’s great to feel fit & look good again!