Agnes Park, 34 year old Lawyer

Testimonial 2Michelle coached me through my first ever (Olympic-distance) triathlon in July 2012 to my first Ironman in June 2013.  Her coaching style is intuitive, flexible and holistic.  She works with what you present her with — both the good and the bad — whether it’s your best/not-the-best physical capabilities, your personal goals, self-imposed mental limitations and/or a hectic and unpredictable work schedule.

Case in point — most by-the-book tri coaches would scoff at the idea of someone whose only experience was one Olympic tri doing an Ironman as her next event, and in 7 months no less.  Not Michelle.  She respected my goal, believed in my ability and determination and helped me make it happen.  Michelle goes above and beyond: from doing doing my first (seemingly never-ending) century ride with me, planning a weekend tri “camp” just for me, riding through crazy weather conditions to keep me company on my second century to coming over late at night to help me back for traveling to my Ironman…the list goes on.

I was not only prepared for my races, but I made it past those finish lines injury-free and ready for more!   But most meaningfully, Michelle helped me discover and unleash my inner Athlete.   A word I never ever ever used to describe myself.  Thanks Michelle!