Michael C, 36 yr old, Financial Manager/Weekend Warrior

Testimonial 6Three years ago Michelle entered my life.  On our 3rd date we went for a friendly run in Central Park and it did not take long before she started assessing my running form.  At the time I was a recreational runner, running 9 min/mile, 2-3x/week.  With just a few changes I was instantly running 8min/mile and continue to improve to now leaving her in the dust w/ 7 min/miles.  I had completed one marathon in 2007 and had not been able to successfully run another one because I would always get injured during training.  A few months after we met, I was happy to PR on the Hartford, CT Half Marathon by 23 minutes.  By adjusting my gym routine from body part (what she calls a meathead workout) to high intensity total body/core training, cross-training and cleaning up my diet, I leaned out.  I feel much better 10 lbs lighter but now having shrunk one size, had to update my wardrobe to clothing that fits.  I have continued to remain injury free, running two more marathons, feeling as agile as I did in my 20’s and now setting my sites on qualifying for the Boston Marathon and finishing my first Triathlon.